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Athletic Training

Welcome to the Rockwood Summit Athletic Training website!

This is intended to be a resource to learn more about Athletic Training, Athletic Trainers, Mercy, Summit’s Team Doctor, and injuries/illnesses.  Feel free to use the navigation bar on the left to find the information you are looking for.  If something is not on here that you think would be a good addition please e-mail the Athletic Trainer with your suggestion.  Thank you!

What is Athletic Training and a Certified Athletic Trainer?

Athletic Training is an allied healthcare profession that focuses on injuries/illnesses occurring to athletes.  This “athlete” can be a weekend warrior all the way up to a professional player.  Athletic Trainers are the individuals who specialize in prevention, evaluation, emergency medical care, and rehabilitation of these injuries.  The Athletic Trainer plays an important role by helping prevent injuries, provide day to day care, being the “transition” from field/court to a doctor, and providing emergency care until help arrives.  For more information about Athletic Training and Athletic Trainers visit the National Athletic Trainers’ Association webpage:

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