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Post-High School Planning

Welcome to the Post High School Planning Office! We are located inside the Counseling Office, room 270A. The Post High School Counselor is devoted to assisting students in making a successful transition to their life after high school. If you are considering a 2-year or 4-year college or university, a technical institution, or maybe directly entering into a career field or the military, we are here to help you.



Mission Statement

All students will be valued and provided results-based instruction in the areas of Career, Academic, and Personal Social Development, through a comprehensive guidance program, as they acquire skills, abilities and attitudes that empower them to be lifelong contributing members of society.

Your Post-High School Planning Staff

Ivy Hartman

College Career Counselor

Deborah Collis


Services Offered

The Rockwood School District and Rockwood Summit High School offer a full array of college counseling services, including but not limited to:

  • One-on-one student and family college advisement
  • Financial aid and scholarship resources
  • College application packaging
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Career information and planning

Many organizations in the St. Louis region offer these same services with a fee structure attached.  Please feel free to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities presented to you at Rockwood Summit High School before determining if a for-profit college counseling service is right for you.


You are welcome to view Mrs. Hartman's availability and to schedule an appointment online through her Appointment Calendar. Or, call Debbie Collis at (636) 891-6834.

SENIORS may schedule 30-minute appointments with Mrs. Hartman during the entire school year, August through May.  

JUNIORS may schedule 30-minute meetings beginning in the spring semester. This allows us to help our seniors meet their application deadlines during the fall semester. 

CANCELLATIONS - If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please try to cancel 24-hours in advance so we may open that slot to another student. Mrs. Hartman's calendar typically fills up several weeks in advance. You can cancel a meeting by editing it in your own Google Calendar or by calling our office at (636) 891-6834.

College Reps

Rockwood Summit is hosting in-person college rep visits for our students during flex time. Please sign up through Scoir. We look forward to seeing you.