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Applying to College

Application Deadlines

Now that you have narrowed down your choices of colleges, it is time to start applying!  Application deadlines may occur in the fall or winter of senior year and some colleges may have different types of deadlines: early decision, early action, regular admissions, and rolling admissions. Check with the colleges on your interest list to find out their deadlines and admission requirements as these may change every year.


Types of College Applications

There are several online options for students to utilize when applying for college admissions.  Some colleges accept all options or may require a specific one. You can usually find out which options are available by visiting the admissions page on a college’s website.  Which type of application you use is up to you and may be determined by the options offered by the majority of the colleges on your interest list. The application you choose will not give you an advantage or be a disadvantage for the admission decision.  The following list includes application tools most commonly used by students at Rockwood Summit.

  • College Specific Applications - an application specific to an institution that cannot be shared with multiple colleges.
  • Applying through Scoir - Coalition for College and Scoir have teamed up to offer a new way to search for and apply to over 100 distinguished colleges and universities, all on one easy-to-use platform. Coalition member schools work to make college affordable and ensure students graduate on time. Quickstart Guide and FAQ.
  • The Common Application - one application may be used for multiple institutions that are members of The Common App. This application is usually longer than college-specific applications but will save time from having to complete an application for each college you want to apply to. Many member schools have supplements to the Common App, typically a question or essay that allows you to indicate why you are applying to that particular college.
    A counselor letter of recommendation survey will need to be completed and returned to Mrs. Hartman at least two weeks prior to your application deadline. *Remember to be aware of school holidays and breaks.* Common App instructions.
  • Common Black College Application - is similar to the Common App but provides students with the opportunity to easily apply to historically black colleges. Your application is available to all member institutions for a small, one-time fee. Be sure to list Mrs. Hartman as your counselor in your Common Black Application.

For more information on any of the above application sources, follow the links to be taken to each website.


High School Resumes

Although resumes are not usually a required part of a college application, students may choose to send a resume as a way to highlight their achievements in the scholarship process. A resume or activities list can also be helpful to share with teachers, coaches, and employers for letters of recommendation.

Tips and sample resumes


The College Essay

Not all college or scholarship applications require an essay. If they do, we have compiled some tips and examples to help you including the essay prompts for this year's The Common Application and Coalition Application.



Most colleges require an official copy of a student’s high school transcript as part of the application process.  Visit the Transcript page for information on how to complete your transcript requests at Rockwood Summit.

College Admissions Resources