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Image of the Dashboard showing an example list of colleges.

View the colleges you are applying to.

Click on the Application Requirements button to view the requirements specific to the colleges you are applying to:
- Deadlines
- Application Fees
- Personal Essay
- Self-report grades
- Supplemental Writing
- Test Policy
- Recommendations


Image of an example list of application requirements for colleges.

Requirement Grid Abbreviations and Definitions: 


  1. ED: Early Decision
    A binding agreement to withdraw applications from other institutions and enroll, if admitted. You may only apply to one institution for ED. An agreement is signed by the parent, the counselor (Ivy Hartman), and the student.
  2. EA: Early Action
    A non-binding early application and admission decision.
  3. RD/Rolling: Regular Decision/RollingSchools with a deadline in June, July or August are usually rolling admissions and will accept applications until the summer before classes begin.  They accept applicants on a “rolling” basis. The decisions are not all released at the same time.

Common App

  1. PE: Personal Essay is required
  2. C&G: Courses and Grades are required

Self-report your course history and grades with your application submission.


  1. Portfolio- Blank if a portfolio is not required
  2. WS- Writing supplement is required


  1. TE: Teacher Evaluation
    Only enter the teacher’s name (omit their email address) as all letters of recommendation are sent through Scoir.
  2. OE: Other recommender
    This could be a community member, non-family member who will write a letter of recommendation. You may put their email in Common App and an invite will be emailed to them. OEs can submit their letter through CA or they can email their letter to the Post High School Planning Office to be sent through SCOIR.
  3. MY: Mid-year Report
    Our office will do this automatically for students who applied to schools that require it.
    Students who want mid-year transcripts sent to schools that do not require a MR will need to complete another transcript request indicating this under the Special Instructions section.
  4. CR: Counselor Recommendation