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Getting Started

Career Exploration

Deciding on a potential major and career can be rather stressful for students.  It is important to remember that many colleges offer comprehensive advising for students who begin college undeclared.  It is also important to remember that MANY students change their major during college, sometimes more than once.  Students should be encouraged to explore careers and major options that interest them but not feel forced to choose “their path” while still in high school.

To help with this exploration process, students can:

  • Register with SCOIR to complete a 5-minute character assessment to receive career matches. Dive a little deeper by also completing the PRINCIPLESYOU character assessment in Scoir. Once complete, you'll receive Archetype results giving you a better understanding of how you'll fit into careers and even how you can work with different personalities in different careers. It is recommended that you complete PrinciplesYou during your sophomore year but it can be completed at any time.

  • Stop in the Guidance & Counseling Office to receive information on career interest inventories available through MISSOURI CONNECTIONS.

  • Plan to sign up for job shadowing through Rockwood’s PARTNERS IN EDUCATION PROGRAM. The CAREER EXPLORATION program is open to Rockwood students in grades 9-12. Contact PIE Facilitator Matthew Schindler (636) 733-2123 or for more information.

  • PROJECT INTERFACE is a unique mentoring style internship offered through the PIE Office to qualified Rockwood School District juniors.  The program provides students with insight into career exploration opportunities while allowing them the chance to gain practical real-world experience in a field of interest.   

  • Did you know that St. Louis Community College offers a WORKFORCE SOLUTIONS PROGRAM?  This program is designed to help individuals advance their careers through Continuing Education courses and community job training programs.

  • Meet with the Post-High School Counselor, Ms. Hartman, to discuss their interests!



College Exploration and Planning Timelines

Oftentimes, students and their parents are overwhelmed when it comes time to start searching, planning and applying for college.  To help our families with this process, we have compiled some great resources for you.  Visit our College Search page to explore these resources including how our Seniors use Scoir to track their college search and application documents.

Review your college planning timeline by grade level for sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Ivy Hartman, Post-High School Counselor for Rockwood Summit, will also send periodic emails to students and parents with information on college planning workshops held at Summit one time each semester. All upcoming workshops, rep visits, and local events can be found on our website's Calendar page.


Trade Schools and Apprenticeship Programs

A four-year college plan isn't for everyone. Trade schools offer programs that can be completed within one to two years. By narrowing the focus to a career-intensive curriculum, trade schools help students enter the workforce as soon as they're able. Many community colleges and state schools now offer trade certificate or associates degree programs. You can explore these options by logging into your Scoir account.

High school graduates who want to jump directly into the work force can also find on-the-job training through apprenticeship programs and many employers. Start exploring some options with the resources available on our Trade & Apprenticeships page.



Rockwood Summit's Post-High School Planning Office can help you decide if joining the military is the right path for you.

  • Personal counseling with Ms. Hartman.
  • Meet with a military recruiter from the branch(es) you’re interested in.
  • ASVAB testing is available through the Testing Coordinator Office at RSHS. Contact Jennifer Kottmann at

Start your exploration with this LIST OF MILITARY RESOURCES.


Pre-Collegiate Summer Programs

Pre-collegiate summer programs are excellent opportunities for high school students to sample college life, explore career interests and majors, get their foot in the door at various colleges, and possibly earn college credit--a great and enjoyable way to spend your summer or weekends during the school year.