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Scoir and The College Search

Scoir is an internet-based tool that current Rockwood Summit students will use to search for colleges that fit their personal and academic interests. 

Features include:


Find out more about Scoir:

Scoir for Students (video)

Scoir for Parents (video)

Student guide: Make the Most of Scoir 

Parent guides: Getting Started as a Parent/Guardian (detailed guide), How Does Scoir Help (summary guide)

Apply with Scoir (12 minute video)

List of colleges accepting applications through Scoir.  


To Register with

Students must use their RSD email address to register with Scoir. Create your Scoir account from a web browser before downloading the app for iPhone. This will allow your Scoir account to connect with RSHS.

RSHS Student Scoir Registration

Creating a Parent Scoir Account

When sending documents and applications to colleges and universities it's important that the documents all end up under a single file for review. Use the checklist below when you register with Scoir to ensure your school documents will match your application documents.


Checklist for Ensuring Document Delivery through Scoir

All students should have received an email from Mrs. Hartman to sign up for Scoir.  If your emailed link no longer works, the invitation may have expired. Contact Mrs. Collis or Ms. Hartman in the Post-High School Office for assistance or use the above registration link.


More Resources

While we recommend that you start your college search with Scoir, there are many more college search websites available. Some even offer access to scholarships and community forums. Find the platform that works best for you. We've shared some of our favorites below.