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Videos from the Post High School Planning Office

The following quick videos were created by Ms. Hartman to help RSHS students navigate their post high school planning. Check back often as new videos will be added throughout the school year.

ACT and SAT- What are they used for and how can I prepare?

College Application Options  

College Essay Workshop 

College Search Tips

Tips for Finding Private Scholarships

What Happens After I'm Admitted


Other Video Resources

The College Search

College Planning 101: Finding the College that Fits You (Megan Christian Miller, Saint Louis University, enter Passcode: 7R!noN=+ )

College Application Workshop: The College Search and Finding the Right Fit (University of Notre Dame Admissions)


Selective Colleges

Navigating Selective College Admissions (Zach Evans, University of Chicago, 10/5/22)

Selective Admission Process (Washington University 10/6/21)

College Application Workshop: Preparing Your Application (University of Notre Dame Admissions)


Financial Aid & FAFSA Videos

Understanding Student Financial Aid (Washington University 3/22/22)

FAFSA Presentation (Saint Louis University 10/13/22, Presentation Slides)

Financial Aid 101 (David Rice, Saint Louis University)

Financial Aid Offer Letters and How to Pay the Balance (Sallie Mae, 2/9/22)

College Application Workshop: How to Afford Your College Education (University of Notre Dame Admissions)


Miscellaneous Topics

Tips for Writing Your Essay (Becky Konowicz, Dean of Undergraduate Admission, Santa Clara Univeristy)

College Application Workshop: Crafting the Perfect College Essay (University of Notre Dame Admissions)