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Support Group Information

Studies have shown that peer support groups are just as effective, and in many cases more effective, than one on one counseling with a counseling professional. Rockwood Summit High School offers several support groups at this time.

Provident just recently began managing a social media website, Feeling Kinda Blue, for young adults who are depressed or suffer from a mood disorder. The site is funded by a mother from St. Louis who lost her son to suicide. It offers a convenient way to connect, chat, blog and get support from others who are experiencing the same challenges.

Every Mind Matters (EMM)

EMM is a student led mental health awareness group. By students for students. The group focuses on raising awareness of mental health and its impact on our student body. A part of the EMM group is Peer Helpers. Peer Helpers is a voluntary group of students who go through helper training and then present in the classroom about mental health. Peer helpers are also able to meet with and talk to other students and help problem solve solutions for them. Helpers are also trained on crisis intervention and how to get the appropriate help for their peers.

Anger Management

Many teenagers deal with the emotion of anger on a weekly, and for some, even a daily basis. Anger is an emotion that is normal for everyone to experience. How people react to their anger can have an influence on their success or failure in life, and our students are no different. Adolescence is a great time to address this emotion and how to deal with it in a positive way.

Each group will move through a planned curriculum to help your student understand the causes of anger and different anger styles, how to identify triggers/warning signs, how to improve their communication skills, and how to effectively and appropriately respond to his/her anger. Participants and leaders will sign a statement to preserve the confidentiality of the group. The group leader is Mr. Schroll, O-Z counselor.

The anger management group is an 8-week program that typically runs from the beginning of October to the end of November. Currently, there is not a class in session.

Parents as First Time Teachers (PAFT)

Some of our school students are parents or expectant parents. The added responsibility of parenting can add a lot of stress to a high school student's life. Rockwood Summit has partnered with Parents as Teachers to run a support group for both high school girls and boys who are also parents.

This group meets every other week and the hours rotate so students do not miss the same hour. Contact Melissa Feig, Social Worker to find out more information.